Plurafutura Publishing


Good PR is driven by a positive attitude, ingenuity and of course by the fact that there is a story to be told. That is why Plurafutura Publishing will only publish books with edge. Messages must be formulated so they are captivating, authentic, and catch people's attention in an affecting way. The message value is in short; the effect it has on the recipient.

Plurafutura Publishing naturally avails itself of all the usual marketing and sales channels. In other words the publishers website, bookstores, etc.

Moreover Plurafutura Publishing works with PR on all fronts be it video, pictures, link collections, cooperation with enterprises, author events and lectures, etc. All options should be considered but it is largely about acting with care and imagination, regardless of whether it concerns press contact, events, networking, distribution or interviews. Beyond the imagination it is just as much about showing traditional virtues such as focused execution, tenacity and perseverance - that is good old fashioned hard work.

All sales and marketing activities happen in cooperation with the authors. Besides our own creative abilities, we also draw on those of our strategic partner Hatch & Bloom, whose strengths lie in the development of products, brands and services.